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By downloading the IntellyTablet application on an Android device, you can use your smartphone as a tag by simply framing the qrcode displayed on the application. Registering your attendance will no longer be a problem and, above all, it is now also free!
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Do you prefer to recognize using a badge?
With IntellyTablet it is possible to register staff tags using a tablet equipped with NFC functionality!
In this way, users will be able to stamp attendance by simply placing their badge on the reader, even in the absence of an internet line!
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Biometric recognition
The IntellyScan solution integrates advanced functions to manage and process the use of biometric personal data such as those of faces and fingerprints, also simplifying the acquisition, use and maintenance in full compliance with the wishes of the users themselves.
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Access control for your business

with a few simple steps you can immediately start recording your attendance with IntellyScan
Search and download the "IntellyTablet" application on the play store and grant permissions when requested.

At the first start of IntellyTablet select the language and register the free account by entering the required data: now customize the application with the name of your business and your logo!

Select your free trial plan now and go ahead with activating your account.

Check your email and keep the registration email received, possibly also check the junk or spam email folder in case of problems: within this email you will find the company code to use to associate and register your users with IntellyTablet!

Now place the tablet near your entrance and register a user with IntellyAccess!

The free plan allows you to use qrcode scanning as an identification method: by framing the code displayed on the IntellyTablet application it will be easy to identify yourself by registering your presence. No more problems with lost, forgotten or not working badges!

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Download the IntellyTablet and IntellyAccess applications and try all the features now.

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