The need that leads to the birth of IntellyScan

The product

Attention to change

IntellyScan arises from change and from the need to identify people and control them to secure workplaces and the people who frequent them thanks to:
  • Control of health certifications
  • Body temperature detection
  • Contact prevention
IntellyScan is a modular solution born in 2020 to combat covid-19 infections


Trial Free version release

New application for automation management
A new application is created for the multiple management of doors and related relays without the video analysis functions.
Purchase plans on IntellyTablet and automation of activation procedures
The whole IntellyScan solution is updated so that it can be purchased and activated directly by the end customer directly from the IntellyTablet and IntellyAccess mobile applications, automating all the procedures relating to the first configuration.
Production tracking module, API release and new AI services
A new module is created on IntellyTablet for tracking production orders and the APIs for querying and retrieving the data registered on the platform are released. The development of new AI services continues to be used directly from the solution.

The new mobile applications

IntellyAccess and booking services
IntellyAdmin is transformed into IntellyAccess, the first and only application developed for the management of biometric personal data and for their processing and a booking service for rooms and desks is integrated directly into the mobile application.
Intelly Tablet and access via qr code scanning
The first version of IntellyTablet is born which allows the registration of presence in front of a tablet and through IntellyAccess the possibility of identification is given without the use of particular biometric data.
New identification and control services
New identification methods (NFC and fingerprint) are integrated into the Intellyscan solution and the module for managing guests and visitors is developed by implementing both the IntellyAccess and IntellyTablet applications. The greenpass verification service is also integrated and the new control within the solution is enabled.

Contrast solutions for Covid-19

Contact tracking
The appearance of Covid-19 gives us a very different reality from that experienced up to now and this is how it all begins ... to make people and workplaces safe, a first application version called IntellyTrack is developed which carries out the tracking of contacts between people.
Access control and temperature
The IntellyScan web portal is developed to record the presence and access of employees after having carried out a temperature check. To do this, the firmware of a thermographic camera is customized in order to detect the body temperature data and transmit it together with the image of the person being monitored: a windows application is created specifically to receive data and images from the thermal imager, to detect the identity of the people controlled, to validate access and to command the opening of doors and turnstiles and to command acoustic and light signals.
IntellyAdmin is born
IntellyAdmin is born, an application created specifically for the acquisition of biometric data of faces and for the invitation of personnel outside the organization for secure access to the company and for the collection of consents and acceptance of information.

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