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In the modern business world, managing time effectively is critical to improving business operational efficiency and ensuring success.

Recording and tracking the times of an activity or a production order is a fundamental step to optimize operations and maximize productivity and with IntellyScan all this is possible through the IntellyTablet application and its time recording function, an indispensable tool for this fundamental process.

Recording times allows you to understand how company resources, including time and manpower, are used and with recording, you can precisely measure individual and group productivity, identifying areas for improvement.

The data collected with IntellyTablet can be used to plan future activities more accurately, avoiding overloading or underutilization of resources: no more manual compilation of Excel spreadsheets, recording the start and end times of activities will become simple and accurate by entering data directly on the tablet.

In the IntellyScan time recording system, each user is identified via the tablet and the barcode scanning function, thus allowing the entry of the start data of a new activity, the control of open and closing activities with the recording of details and time. end.

The recording of activity times or production orders will be consultable in real time on the online portal and it will be possible to filter the results and export them manually.

It will also be possible to take advantage of "local" automated functions for exporting to files and saving to Microsoft SQL databases which will allow integration and import with your management systems.

Thanks to IntellyScan, activities such as factory production can be tracked using the time recording function and it will be possible to improve company productivity and efficiency thanks to better and accurate time management and more precise planning which will help meeting deadlines and identifying savings opportunities.


13 September 2023


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