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The visitor access function on the IntellyScan access control system is used to ensure the safety and management of people entering a particular building or area.

When a visitor arrives at a building or a protected area, to gain access they must first register by filling out a form on the tablet: after selecting the "visitor entrance" icon, the guest will enter the necessary information such as name and your contact information.

Once registered, visitors will be able to access the different areas using the temporary permit issued by the access control system: a pop-up will open on the tablet with their identification data and a green button to register entry.

Once the selection has been made, a door opening command will be sent to the configured input relay.

The visitor access function helps improve security, prevents unauthorized entry into sensitive areas, collects contact details of your visitors and stores accesses in the visit log with entry and exit times.

Once the visit is over, guests will be able to register their exit by selecting the "visitor exit" function on the tablet: a list will open on the tablet for selecting their name which will allow them to exit by sending the door opening command on the configured exit relay.

The registration of visitors' access and contact data will be available in real time on the online portal and it will be possible to filter the results and export them manually.

It will also be possible to take advantage of "local" automated functions for exporting to files and saving to Microsoft SQL databases which will allow integration and import with your management systems.

Automating the process of registering and collecting visitor contacts makes the management of entries and exits more efficient, reducing the need for dedicated staff to manage the entry of customers, suppliers and guests into the facilities and improving collection activities, profiling and data processing.


13 September 2023


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