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The evolution of technology is bringing significant changes to many aspects of our daily lives, including the way we access protected places and one of the most notable changes in this sector is the integration of smartphone devices into access control systems as this innovation is transforming the way we interact with doors and gates, making access more convenient and efficient than ever.

The IntellyScan solution allows the use of the smartphone as an identification method thus offering numerous advantages such as the possibility of accessing without physical keys or access badges as you rarely forget your smartphone thus eliminating the need to carry extra objects.

Furthermore, modern smartphones offer advanced authentication methods, such as facial recognition and fingerprint, increasing security and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access by third parties.

The IntellyScan access control solution requires the installation of the dedicated IntellyAccess app on the user's smartphone and allows him to identify himself and access by controlling the connected doors or gates.

Companies can benefit from implementing smartphone-based access control systems thanks to the ease of installation and the lower investment of time and resources to put into operation compared to complex wired infrastructures.

Smartphone access solutions thus allow companies, like other access solutions with badge, fingerprint or facial recognition, to track access in real time using this data to monitor the frequency of access and optimize the use of spaces .

Intellyscan, thanks to smartphone access, redefines the very concept of accessibility, bringing all the advantages in terms of convenience and security, both within corporate contexts and private homes where this technology is still not widespread.


13 September 2023


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