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Facial recognition access control is an advanced technology used to verify a person's identity based on the unique characteristics of their face, and this access control method offers numerous benefits in terms of security, convenience, and efficiency.

Using sophisticated algorithms and high-resolution cameras, IntellyScan recognizes and compares the individual's facial features with those stored within the database: if a match is found, access is granted.

Facial access control therefore presents several benefits as it is a highly secure method of identification as facial characteristics are unique to each individual and difficult to falsify and furthermore, facial recognition is fast and efficient, allowing hassle-free access to authorized users .

This identification technology is implemented within the IntellyScan access control solution like other identification methods such as access with badge, fingerprint and app and can be used in different contexts which allow its use according to legal provisions of your country and can be integrated with other security systems, such as electronic locks or access turnstiles, thus ensuring complete access control.

The access control process using facial recognition involves several steps: initially, facial biometric data of authorized users is registered in the system via the IntellyAccess application, creating a unique profile for each individual and this biometric information is then stored securely and encrypted on our cloud with a public key (on the server) and a private key (on the private device), thus allowing only the user to enable unencrypted sharing and processing with the system.

Furthermore, users, in addition to deciding when to use their biometric data as a method of identification, will have the possibility to delete and modify them at any time and the system, according to the company's policies, will be able to automatically intervene in the deletion and disabling in case of prolonged non-use. in order to drastically reduce any risk of violation.

However, it is important to underline that facial access control raises some issues regarding privacy and the protection of personal data and it is therefore essential to comply with current privacy regulations and ensure that users' facial data is managed in a secure and responsible manner .

IntellyAccess is the mobile application for smartphones that allows secure processing of particular biometric data thanks to a sharing and explicit consent system carried out directly within the application.

Face-based access control represents a significant evolution in security systems and offers numerous benefits for businesses and organizations seeking more secure and efficient access control. However, it is essential to adopt the most appropriate identification method, respecting user privacy and ensuring compliance with current regulations.


13 September 2023


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