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Fingerprint access control is an advanced solution for ensuring the security and monitoring of entrances in different contexts and this technology is based on the use of biometric sensors to acquire and verify the identity of people through their unique fingerprints.

The fingerprint recognition access control process involves several steps: initially, biometric fingerprint data of authorized users is registered in the system via the IntellyTablet application, creating a unique profile for each individual and this biometric information is then stored securely and encrypted on the cloud and on the local device, however only allowing the user to enable unencrypted sharing and processing with the system via the IntellyAccess application.

When an individual wants to access a secure area or system, they are prompted to place their finger on the biometric sensor. The sensor captures the image of the fingerprints and compares them with those present in the database. If a positive match is found, access is granted and a log of the event is recorded.

Fingerprint access control offers numerous advantages as fingerprints are unique to each individual, making fraud or unauthorized access difficult and furthermore, the use of fingerprints eliminates the need to use badges which could be lost or stolen.

This technology also offers greater convenience and speed in access, since it is not necessary to carry physical keys. Furthermore, the access control system can be integrated with other security solutions, such as surveillance cameras or alarms, for an even higher level of protection.

However, it is important to keep privacy and data protection considerations in mind when using biometric systems. It is essential to take appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of biometric information and comply with applicable privacy laws.

Fingerprint access control is a sophisticated and reliable solution for ensuring security and access monitoring, and is widely used in sectors such as companies, public institutions, healthcare facilities and residences.


13 September 2023


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