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Access control via PIN CODE is a common and secure method for managing access to certain areas and with this system users are assigned a personal numeric code which they must enter to obtain access authorisation.

The PIN CODE, or PIN code, generated by the IntellyScan solution consists of a sequence of 6 numbers that each user receives at the end of the booking, a unique PIN that must be kept confidential and not shared with other people.

When the user must validate a reservation during entry, depending on the case, he/she will be able to:

  • In front of a tablet equipped with the IntellyTablet application, click on the "reservation input" icon available in the bottom bar of the main screen and select the code entry mode by typing your PIN on the virtual keyboard
  • In front of a printed QR code, scan the location/resources* QR code with your smartphone, via the IntellyAccess application, which will allow you to enter your PIN directly from your smartphone.
    Once the PIN code has been entered, the system will check its correspondence with the one stored in the database and, if valid and corresponding, will grant access.

The use of access control via PIN CODE offers several advantages as it is relatively simple to implement and manage, requiring only:

  • using a tablet as an input system to enter users' PIN codes or
  • printing a QR code to allow users to scan via the IntellyAccess application which will then allow them to enter their personal PIN

This type of access solution offers a good level of security, since it is necessary to know the correct code to gain entry and open a door or turnstile where present.

The IntellyScan solution adopts some precautions to guarantee the security of the access control system via PIN CODE as users who book access can only use their PIN code within the permitted time slot and can enter early only if required by the policy of Booking applied by the organization in order to avoid prolonged use of codes that are easy to guess.

Furthermore, again for safety, the system does not allow access to two or more users always with the same code as entry is permitted within the valid time slot only if the user, after registering his/her entry , also records the output.

(*) When we talk about locations we mean for example the entrance to organisations, shops, companies, gyms, restaurants, shopping centres, banks, co-working, hotels, b&bs, spas, beaches, museums, theatres, stadiums, sports halls, schools, universities, conference centres, swimming pools, etc.. or we are talking about access to specific areas subject to availability or limited access which perhaps require payment of entry; by resources, on the other hand, we mean anything that requires, for example, a registration, a reservation or a payment for use, such as a computer, a desk, a cabinet, a cabin, a video projector, a washing machine or any equipment in the which we can manage its switching on, activation, power supply or opening through the use of compatible intelligent relay.


13 September 2023


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