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Within the IntellyScan solution, registered users and visiting users can easily book access to locations or resources* from a web page by simply choosing the day and time slot from those available.

The user will be able to make free or paid reservations as appropriate, thus receiving the QR code in their email inbox to be used for identification during the access and recognition phase.

Access control via QR code is a modern and convenient method for managing, for example, the entry and exit of people from certain areas. This system is based on the use of QR codes, which can be generated and read via devices such as smartphones or special readers.

The QR codes generated and sent via email by the IntellyScan solution are codes that can be scanned manually by an operator or independently in front of, for example, a tablet or a smartphone and therefore the operation is relatively simple: each authorized user receives a unique associated QR code to his user and his entry ticket (reservation) so when he wishes to access a certain area, the user shows his QR code to the reader or operator who scans it and verifies it using the appropriate IntellyTablet software.

The validity check of the QR code is carried out by the access control software which verifies its issuance for the user in question and whether it is still valid and based on the security settings and permissions associated with the QR code, the system allows or denies access to the user.

Access control via QR code offers several advantages: first of all, it is a practical and efficient system, as it does not require the use of physical cards or badges and users can simply show their QR code on their smartphone, reducing the need for additional items to carry.

Furthermore, the system offers greater flexibility in access management. Reservations and therefore QR codes can be quickly generated and revoked for users, allowing for more immediate and responsive control of access permissions.

Finally, access control via QR code is integrated with the IntellyScan security system, with the attendance registers and with the event management module, allowing you to have a complete and customized system for the specific security and access control needs of an organization.

In conclusion, IntellyScan and its QR code access control solution is a modern and convenient option to manage access offering convenience, flexibility and integration possibilities and ensuring an adequate level of security and control for the organization that adopts it .

(*) When we talk about locations we mean for example the entrance to organisations, shops, companies, gyms, restaurants, shopping centres, banks, co-working, hotels, b&bs, spas, beaches, museums, theatres, stadiums, sports halls, schools, universities, conference centres, swimming pools, etc.. or we are talking about access to specific areas subject to availability or limited access which perhaps require payment of entry; by resources, on the other hand, we mean anything that requires, for example, a registration, a reservation or a payment for use, such as a computer, a desk, a cabinet, a cabin, a video projector, a washing machine or any equipment in the which we can manage its switching on, activation, power supply or opening through the use of compatible intelligent relay.


13 September 2023


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