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L'automazione dei tornelli è un'importante soluzione per il controllo degli accessi in diverse ambientazioni, come aziende, stazioni, aeroporti, strutture pubbliche e residenziali in quanto questo sistema consente di gestire in modo efficiente l'ingresso e l'uscita delle persone, garantendo al contempo sicurezza e controllo.

L'automazione dei tornelli all'interno della soluzione di controllo accessi IntellyScan prevede l'utilizzo di contatti intelligenti che permetto alla soluzione di gestirne l'apertura e la chiusura, il monitoraggio e la gestione degli accessi.

Di solito, i tornelli automatizzati sono dotati di sensori di rilevamento integrati che riconoscono autonomamente la presenza delle persone e consentono l'apertura o la chiusura del tornello in modo automatico o controllato in tutta sicurezza.

The automation of turnstiles is an important solution for access control in different settings, such as companies, stations, airports, public and residential structures as this system allows you to efficiently manage the entry and exit of people, while ensuring security and control.

The automation of turnstiles within the IntellyScan access control solution involves the use of intelligent contacts that allow the solution to manage their opening and closing, monitoring and access management.

Usually, automated turnstiles are equipped with integrated detection sensors that autonomously recognize the presence of people and allow the turnstile to be opened or closed automatically or safely in a controlled manner.

Integrated with IntellyScan, the turnstiles are activated using the solution's identification and access technologies such as badges, fingerprints or through the facial recognition of the cameras to guarantee even more secure and accurate control and allowing the recording and monitoring of related information to the flows of people.

Turnstile automation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Security: the turnstile automation system reduces the risk of unauthorized access, ensuring that only authorized people can enter or exit a certain area;
  • Efficiency: thanks to automation, the flow of people can be managed quickly and efficiently, reducing queues and waiting;
  • Data Recording: Turnstile automation systems can record detailed access information, allowing for accurate monitoring and better resource management;
  • Customization: Automated turnstiles can be configured to suit the specific needs of each environment, allowing you to set different access modes based on different time slots or authorization levels.

In conclusion, turnstile automation combined with the IntellyScan solution represents the reliable and advanced solution to improve access control, offering security, efficiency and better control of people flows.


13 September 2023


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