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IntellyScan offers the possibility of booking entrances online via a dedicated booking page, allowing visitors to book their entrance in advance, avoiding queues and waiting and guaranteeing the desired access.

The functioning of the booking process via the web is very simple: visitors can consult the page with "public" type bookings by viewing on the portal only the locations* made public by the company administrator while registered users, after logging in, will be able to consult the page with "private" bookings, viewing on the portal only the locations* made private by the company administrator.

By selecting the location of interest it will be possible to access the booking details which will allow the user to choose the desired date for entry and the preferred access time slot by viewing them among those available depending on the reception capacity and bookings already received.

In order to complete the booking, visitors will be asked to enter their personal data, such as name, surname, email address and this information will be used to send the booking confirmation, to contact visitors (if necessary) and for registration at inside the IntellyScan access control solution.

Based on the settings configured by the company, visitors may be asked to pay by entering further details that can be used for tax purposes: after selecting the entry options, verifying the booking details and accepting the information on the processing of personal data , users will be directed to the payment page (if requested).

It will be possible to make the payment using one of the accepted payment methods such as credit cards or online payment services and once the payment is completed, the system will send a booking confirmation via email with the details and the relevant access codes (QR code and PIN code) required to log in.

Upon entry, visitors will be able to:

  • Manually validate your reservation by presenting the printout of the confirmation email with the access QR code to the staff at the entrance or a digital version viewable on their mobile device to allow verification of the reservation and access;
  • Automatically validate your reservation by selecting the icon with the specific "reservation entry" function on the input tablet and selecting either scanning the QR code or entering the access PIN received via email to allow the system to verify the reservation and access by opening the associated door or turnstile if present.
  • Automatically validate your reservation in front of a printed qrcode by scanning with your smartphone, via the IntellyAccess application, the location qrcode which will allow you to enter your access PIN received via email directly from your smartphone to allow the system to verify your booking and access by opening the associated door or turnstile if present.

Booking via the web offers numerous advantages to both visitors and the company, allowing for more efficient management of entrances and guaranteeing a better access experience for visitors.

(*) When we talk about locations we mean for example the entrance to organisations, shops, companies, gyms, restaurants, shopping centres, banks, co-working, hotels, b&bs, spas, beaches, museums, theatres, stadiums, arenas, schools, universities, conference centers, swimming pools, etc.. or we are talking about access to specific areas subject to availability or limited access which perhaps require payment of entry.


13 September 2023


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